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Warfighter Operations

Warfighter Operations

Defense Applications

From combat experience to software development, our team has a true passion for battlefield technology and application development. We pride ourselves on our technical prowess, our domain expertise, our relationships with our partners, and our ability to deliver solutions that are technically and tactically superior to any competition on the market.

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Pulse Medical Surveillance System

First Response

Civilian Applications

By providing Command the ability to monitor the exact location and biometrics of their each and every one of their personnel in the field, RAIN Technologies Applications can radically enhance the ability to determine when someone is in trouble both before and after the point of injury and provide them with the most rapid and efficient medical care possible from field medicine to automatic information relay to awaiting medical staff, to CASEVAC response. 

We are currently working with Police and Fire Departments to tailor our civilian solution to exactly meet the unique needs of various Departments.

Pulse Medical Surveillance System

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