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PULSE Medical Surveillance System

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The New Standard of Medical Surveillance

RAIN Technologies’ Pulse Medical Surveillance System (PMSS) was developed to provide the ability to monitor and relay team member vital sign data over TDL networks starting before the point of injury.

System Overview

How It works

Pulse is sensor agnostic and addresses medical decision-making issues created by a simple, low latency system by leveraging wrist worn and FDA approved biometric sensors embedded on wearable devices. The system output is supplied to the medic on scene while also being transmitted within ATAK (via TDL networks) to all users in the chain of custody during the CASEVAC process. 

In the case of one or more casualties, Pulse Medical Survellaince System eliminates the need for time consuming radio calls by directly providing treatment data and patient status. These critical insights properly equip the team for a more successful evacuation and transport. 


Designed with CASEVAC In Mind

The easy-to-use Casevac Request and Confirmation process will provide HQ the ability to determine Casevac capability based on location and make the appropriate decision for Casevac platform based on location, type of injury sustained and Casevac capabilities.

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